Renting a Safe Deposit Box

What are the advantages of renting a safe ­deposit box at DNK?

By storing your valuables in a high-security safe, you reduce the risk of your valuables being lost due to a burglary, robbery or fire, for example. In addition, from the Standard safe and larger, the contents of your safe are insured up to €45,000. You can increase this to €90,000.00 or €150,000.00 for a fee.

What are the conditions for renting a safe deposit box at De Nederlandse Kluis?

You must have a valid European ID and IBAN. De Nederlandse Kluis accepts the following documents as a valid ID:

  • EU passport
  • Valid residence document for the Netherlands
  • Dutch ID
  • Dutch driving licence (after the first appointment)

You must have a living adress in Holland and a EU bankaccount with a visible IBAN number

At which branches can I rent a safe deposit box?

Look at our branches page to select your prefered branche.

Can I visit my safe deposit box immediately after receiving the keys?

You will receive your keys during your first appointment. We will then accompany you to your safe deposit box, so that you can store your valuables in your safe deposit box immediately. You may bring your valuables to the first appointment, so you won’t have to come for that a second time.

Can I rent a safe­ deposit box together with somebody else?

Yes, you can appoint your partner of a family member as co-­tenant. Your co-­tenant will have access to the safe ­deposit box with the keys, also when you are not there yourself. Would you like to appoint a co-­tenant? On the application form there you can indicate “2 tenants” under “Rent together or alone” and fill in the data of your co-­tenant.

Can I authorise someone to visit my safe ­deposit box?

Yes, it is possible to authorise someone. The authorised person can visit the safe ­deposit box with your keys, even when you are not there yourself. The authorised person, however, is not a co­-tenant. In the event of the demise of you or your co-­tenant, all authorisations will expire.

What will happen when I decease?

Your safe­ deposit box will remain accessible to your co-­tenant. Any potential authorisations will expire. Your heirs will be granted access to your safe­ deposit box when they are able to show a certificate of inheritance.

Are there any additional costs besides the rent?

You pay a one-time deposit of €85,- per safe deposit box, for the keys and the lock. If you return all keys upon termination of the rental agreement and there are no outstanding payments, the deposit will be refunded within one month.

You can visit your safe deposit box free of charge and as many times as you want on the regular visiting days. Would you like to visit your safe deposit box outside of the regular visiting days? This is possible by appointment. De Nederlandse Kluis will charge €35 per appointment, which includes 21% VAT and administration fee.

Should you lose one or both keys, you will be charged for this as well. The costs for one lost key are €300 excluding VAT and with two lost keys they are €600 excluding VAT.

Can I also rent a safe deposit box on my company's name?

Yes, you can. To do so, you must email a certified extract from the Kamer van Koophandel to This extract may not be older than 3 months. This extract must contain your name.

We also request that you fill out an Eventual Interested Party Statement and mail it to

You should bring your company’s VAT number and IBAN, a valid ID and business bank card to the appointment. Once all documents are in order, you can rent your safe deposit box business.

You can find more information at

How can I switch the size of my safe deposit box? 

Larger safe deposit box
Changing your format to a larger box is possible at all times, if this size is available at your branche. In order to arrange this, you need to bring both keys and valid identification with you to your own establishment (you do not need to make an appointment, but it is important that you check if the desired size is available).
The difference in price over the remaining months of the contract will be invoiced during the first invoicing period.

Smaller safe deposit box
To arrange a smaller format safe, we recommend that you complete this at least one month before the end of your contract period.
We do not refund the amount that has already been paid for the rental of the current size. The rent of the smaller safe deposit box will be invoiced after the conversion during the normal billing period.
Before switching to a smaller safe, kindly inform us in advance at your own establishment. After this, you can make an appointment to arrange the transfer. You must bring both keys and valid identification.

Visiting your safe deposit box

On which days can I visit my safe deposit box?

You can visit your safe deposit box free of charge and as many times as you want on our regular visiting days. These vary per branch. You can find the opening hours if you click on the relevant branch:

Outside of the regular visiting days, you may exceptionally visit your safe deposit box by appointment, for which we charge a fee of €35, including 21% VAT. Please contact us by calling 088-7445555.

Can I visit my safe deposit box outside of the regular visiting days?

Yes, this is possible by appointment. De Nederlandse Kluis charges a fee of €35, including 21% VAT and administration fee, per visit.
You will, of course, be informed of any change in the regular visiting days.

How much time will I have when visiting my safe ­deposit box?

Most of the time you can visit you safe­ deposit box in peace and quiet. To guarantee your privacy only one tenant can enter the vault at a time. That is why we ask you to limit your visit to 10 minutes. For most visitors this is more than plenty. Do you need more time? Please let our employees know. The drawer in your safe ­deposit box is detachable. We can accompany you to a separate space where you can put your safe deposit box in order at ease. Afterwards one of our employees will escort you back to the vault where you can safely store your drawer in your safe ­deposit box.

Are the safe ­deposit boxes easily accessible for people with a disability?

Not all locations are easily accessible for people who have difficulty walking. Our branches in Hilversum and Maasdijk are designed for people with a disability. Contact one of our employees for the possibilities.

Safety and supervision

How do I know my safe deposit box is secure?

Your safe-deposit box is located in a heavily guarded vault that meets the strict norms of safety category 4+. This is the highest safety category in The Netherlands. This means the vault is, among other things, very well secured against fire and theft, and is monitored 24/7.

How does DNK treat my personal data?

Your personal data will not be provided to third parties. The Nederlandse Kluis is strictly following the Law for Protection of Personal Data (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). Also, our website is only available through a 256-bits SSL-security. The data you fill in will be sent through an encrypted connection.

How will the continuity of DNK be guaranteed?

The shares of De Nederlandse Kluis BV are under the management of the Stichting DNK. The purpose of this foundation is to guarantee the independence of DNK and to represent the interests of our customers.

What will happen to my property in case DNK goes bankrupt?

You will be the legal and economic owner of your properties at all times. In this regard it does not matter if your property is stored in the depot or your own safe deposit box. Contrary to what is common with most banks your property will not be part of the inventory in case of bankruptcy.


Up to what amount is the safe ­deposit box insured?

The Standard safe and larger is insured up to €45,000. If you wish, you can increase your cover for a fee. For €52 extra per year, you are insured up to €90,000 and for €130 extra per year, you are insured up to €150,000. The cover applies per safe. It is therefore possible to rent multiple safes to achieve even higher cover. You then spread your valuables over several safes. There is no insurance on the basic safe.

With which insurance companies does De Nederlandse Kluis work together?

Your valuables are excellently insured at De Nederlandse Kluis. We work together with AXA XL.

How do I prove what was in my safe deposit box, in case the content is is lost?

You need to establish which goods are lost. These conditions are similar to those of banks and insurance companies. Through photo’s, invoices or valuation reports you can demonstrate which valuables have been lost.


When will the rent be collected?

DNK collects the rent between the 24th and 28th of the month. This happens once a year, in the month that the contract started. Did your contract start before the 10th of the month? Then the first rent will be collected that same month. Did you start your contract after the 10th of the month? Then your first payment will take place the next month.

If your contract is automatically renewed for the next year, the payment will take place one month before the renewal.

Should you prefer a monthly payment, this is possible of course. This will happen every month between the 24th and 28th. DNK charges 20% administrative fees for each monthly payment.

When will the deposit be collected?

Collecting the deposit is one-off and will take place at the same moment as the first collection of the annual rent.

What is the period of notice?

The period of notice is one month before the end of your rental agreement. The agreement will be renewed automatically each year with one year. If your contract ends on October 31, 2019 you would have to give notice before or on September 30, 2019.

How can I terminate my safe deposit box contract?

You must cancel the rental agreement of your safe deposit box in writing. You can use the form Termination of rental agreement Safe Deposit Box for this. Send the filled-out form to:
De Nederlandse Kluis
‘s Gravelandseweg 19
1211 BN Hilversum

Please note: always hand in your keys in person, never send them by mail!

After receiving your cancellation form, we will contact you for an appointment to return your keys. Then, the remaining deposit will be refunded to your bank account within one month. If you wish to rent a safe deposit box again in the future, it is important to know that a waiting list may be used, given the limited capacity.

Other questions

Do you still have questions after reading these Frequently Asked Questions? Feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will be happy to help you.

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