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We safeguard your valuables.
In a high-security bank vault, close to home.

Rent a safe at De Nederlandse Kluis.

We are here for all your valuable belongings. Emotional and material: jewellery, dowries, photos, backups, documents or heirlooms. We give you peace of mind by watching over these valuables, in high-security bank vaults. Building on the best security systems.

Rent a safe

Burglars strike when it is dark outside.
Therefore, do not keep your valuables at home.

In cooperation with the ‘Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen’, we make people aware of the increased risk of burglaries in the fall and winter. Our safes offer protection.

This is how you rent a safe.
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Your belongings are safe

You can place your valuables directly in your safe.

“Our valuables are stored
in an external safe,
which gives us
peace of mind.”

Our promises.


With the highest security, your valuables 100% fire- and theft-proof.


Screened employees with customised personal service.


Various types of safe deposit boxes from 9,95 per month and always nearby.



Recommended by 98% of our clients and the major banks. 

What other customers store in our safes.


“I keep the jewellery and watches we don’t wear every day at De Nederlandse Kluis. That way I never have to worry about loss or theft.”

Business documents

“My business documents have been with De Nederlandse Kluis for years. Safe, reliable and always accessible.”


“Because I keep my heirlooms safe in a vault, I am sure that my family can enjoy them later.”

This is what our customers say about our services.

Ronald Verkerk
2 December on 21:04

I don’t even want to think about having my valuables at home. Imagine getting a gun against your head!

Asli Yilmaz
12 September on 09:10

I am renting a safe box at De Nederlandse Kluis. Just before our holidays I was able to arrange everything on the same day; all my valuable jewellery is now safe and insured. It takes me quite a long drive to get there, but it is worth it. I can travel safely now!

Margot van Dijk
3 October on 14:13

I had never heard about De Nederlandse Kluis before, but when a house in our street was burnt down I started looking for a trustworthy company that provides safe boxes. The pictures from my youth, contracts and jewellery are now stored in a safe deposit box, which gives me a safe and comfortable feeling.

Mandy Klaassen
19 November on 10:56

My parents used to have a safe at their bank. Unfortunately, they stopped this service and the bank directed us to De Nederlandse Kluis. I wondered if it was safe, but their safe is situated in a former bank and the security is even better than the bank, where everything was outdated. DNK has hyper modern security and camera surveillance.

Our customers rate us an average of 9,2 out of more than 8.700 reviews.

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Renting a bank vault.
Recommended by all major banks.

Previously, you could rent a safe deposit box at Rabobank, ABN-AMRO, ING or SNS. When they stopped offering this service, they referred their customers to us. This makes De Nederlandse Kluis a reliable place for everyone to keep valuables safe.

40 branches of De Nederlandse Kluis.
Always a safe deposit vault in your area.

We have branches throughout the Netherlands. This extensive network means that there is always a safe near you. Simply search by city or postal code to find the nearest branch.

Rent a safe

*The first 3 months for €1 promotion is valid until January 31, 2024. On conclusion of an annual contract.

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