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Rent a safe today

Your valuables still safely stored in your own safe today? Which can. Make an appointment directly at one of our branches.

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Gebruik het formulier of bel ons op 088 – 744 5555.

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Of bel 088 – 744 5555

Rent a safe today

Your valuables still safely stored in your own safe today? Which can. Make an appointment directly at one of our branches.

Make an appointment

make an appointment

Call 088 – 744 5555 for more information or to make an appointment at one of our branches. You can rent your safe immediately, on any working day. You come to our office with your passport or ID card, register and immediately receive the key to your safe.

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Alternative to all major banks

Previously you could rent a bank safe from banks like the Rabobank, ABN AMRO, ING or SNS bank. Today, the most modern bank branches no longer have a safe, which means that they no longer offer the “safe rental” product. If a bank stops renting safe deposit boxes, they will usually point you to De Nederlandse Kluis. This makes a reliable place available for everyone to safely store valuables.

Customer reviews

Already 71000+ people have preceded you and store their valuables in our highly secured bank vaults. Read what our customers say about us…

De Nederlandse Kluis

“I don’t even want to think about having my valuables at home. Imagine getting a gun against your head!”

Ronald Verkerk (46), Amsterdam 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“My parents used to have a safe at their bank. Unfortunately, they stopped this service and the bank directed us to De Nederlandse Kluis. I wondered if it was safe, but their safe is situated in a former bank and the security is even better than the bank, where everything was outdated. DNK has hyper modern security and camera surveillance.”

Mandy Klaassen (33), Maastricht 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“I had never heard about De Nederlandse Kluis before, but when a house in our street was burnt down I started looking for a trustworthy company that provides safe boxes. The pictures from my youth, contracts and jewellery are now stored in a safe deposit box, which gives me a safe and comfortable feeling.”

Margot van Dijk (58), Dordrecht 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“I am renting a safe box at De Nederlandse Kluis. Just before our holidays I was able to arrange everything on the same day; all my valuable jewellery is now safe and insured. It takes me quite a long drive to get there, but it is worth it. I can travel safely now!”

Asli Yilmaz (27), Arnhem 2017-09-12

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Our branches

De Nederlandse Kluis has several locations in the Netherlands. Thanks to our extensive network, there is always a safe near you. Simply search by city or zip code to find the nearest branch.

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