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About De Nederlandse Kluis.
The safest place for valuables.

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With dedication to safety.

We are here for all your valuable belongings. Emotional and material: jewellery, dowries, photos, backups, documents or heirlooms. We give you peace of mind by watching over these valuables, in high-security bank vaults. Under the best security systems.

A bank safe is the safest place to keep your valuables. Storing them at home carries risks such as fire and burglary. You often store your valuables in places that are also known to burglars. The emotional damage involved is often great. We understand how important it is to store your valuables safely. Far away from the wrong hands or danger of loss and fire. We take care of your valuables so you never have to.

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Our promises.


With the highest security, your valuables 100% fire- and robbery-proof.


Screened employees with customised personal service.


Various types of safe deposit boxes from 9,95 per month and always nearby.



Recommended by 98% of our clients and the major banks.

100% robbery proof.

Our bank vaults are heavily secured. Because each branch is structurally adapted, ram-raids are impossible to carry out.

All branches are monitored 24 hours a day via live camera. These images are transmitted in real time to the control room. There is at least one trained employee at each branch and each location is equipped with high-end security technology.

You are the only one with two original keys to your personal safe. We do not keep copies at the branches, so no one outside the tenant can open the safe.

All employees are screened.

We work with the most reliable people, all of whom are screened for:

  • Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)
  • Office for Credit Registration (BKR)
  • Background check

All employees are trained. All employees of De Nederlandse Kluis receive extensive training after the diligent screening process. During this training, attention is paid to privacy, security and service, so that every employee is specialised in working in a vault. This way, we can guarantee the safety of you and your valuables.

All branches in former bank vaults.

A bank vault is invaluable nowadays. Steel-reinforced, 1-meter thick vault walls, with an interlock around it, also with 1-meter thick walls. De Nederlandse Kluis has therefore opened every new branch in a former bank vault. Of course, we have improved these with high-end security technology that the banks previously did not have, such as:

  • Trained employees
  • 24/7 camera security
  • Mist generator
  • Strobe
  • Water detection
  • Direct connection to the control room
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The people behind De Nederlandse Kluis.


Executive director

Zeeuw van der Laan


van der Klaauw

Chairman supervisory board

This is what our customers say about our service.

Asli Yilmaz
12 September on 10:12

I am renting a safe box at De Nederlandse Kluis. Just before our holidays I was able to arrange everything on the same day; all my valuable jewellery is now safe and insured. It takes me quite a long drive to get there, but it is worth it. I can travel safely now!

Margot van Dijk
12 September on 10:13

I had never heard about De Nederlandse Kluis before, but when a house in our street was burnt down I started looking for a trustworthy company that provides safe boxes. The pictures from my youth, contracts and jewellery are now stored in a safe deposit box, which gives me a safe and comfortable feeling.

Mandy Klaassen
12 September on 10:13

My parents used to have a safe at their bank. Unfortunately, they stopped this service and the bank directed us to De Nederlandse Kluis. I wondered if it was safe, but their safe is situated in a former bank and the security is even better than the bank, where everything was outdated. DNK has hyper modern security and camera surveillance.

Ronald Verkerk
12 September on 10:14

I don’t even want to think about having my valuables at home. Imagine getting a gun against your head!

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