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De Nederlandse Kluis B.V.
’s Gravelandseweg 19
1211 BN Hilversum

T. 088-744 5555

CoC: 55922236
VAT: NL851910117B01

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Customer experiences

Over 75.000 people went before you and store their valuables in our high-security bank safes. Read what our customers say about us….

De Nederlandse Kluis

“My parents used to have a safe at their bank. Unfortunately, they stopped this service and the bank directed us to De Nederlandse Kluis. I wondered if it was safe, but their safe is situated in a former bank and the security is even better than the bank, where everything was outdated. DNK has hyper modern security and camera surveillance.”

Mandy Klaassen (33), Maastricht 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“I am renting a safe box at De Nederlandse Kluis. Just before our holidays I was able to arrange everything on the same day; all my valuable jewellery is now safe and insured. It takes me quite a long drive to get there, but it is worth it. I can travel safely now!”

Asli Yilmaz (27), Arnhem 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“I don’t even want to think about having my valuables at home. Imagine getting a gun against your head!”

Ronald Verkerk (46), Amsterdam 2017-09-12
De Nederlandse Kluis

“I had never heard about De Nederlandse Kluis before, but when a house in our street was burnt down I started looking for a trustworthy company that provides safe boxes. The pictures from my youth, contracts and jewellery are now stored in a safe deposit box, which gives me a safe and comfortable feeling.”

Margot van Dijk (58), Dordrecht 2017-09-12
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