Report fraud immediately

Make sure we can prevent any (further) damage

Have you been a victim of fraud or theft, or do you suspect you might have been? Report this immediately by calling 088-744 5555 or emailing We will ensure that you are helped to the best of our abilities.

When do we speak of fraud?

  • You have sent documents and/or data that contain sensitive information.
  • You have responded to a fishing email.
  • You have clicked a link in a fishing email.
  • Someone has tried to find out the security information of your safe deposit box (by phone, through text, email, or a fake website).

Do you suspect that something is wrong?

If you question the authenticity of a call or email, please contact us. Have you received an email or call asking for certain documents or data to be sent? De Nederlandse Kluis will never do this without any immediate cause. In case of doubt always call or email: 088-744 5555 (Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM) or

Useful tips:

  • Scan your computer or laptop for viruses if you think that it might be infected.
  • Verify the sender: are there any spelling errors in the email address?

Which emails/calls are made by De Nederlandse Kluis B.V.?

  • Mails from the domain name
  • Calls made with: 020-205 55 66, 010-2540410, 070-2040700, 030-2044111, 026-2033000, 035-2030080, 088-7445555
Rent a safe