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Renting a safe in Venlo

Do you live in or near Venlo and would you like to have your valuable items securely stored? Rent a safe at De Nederlandse Kluis! Useful information about the branch in Venlo can be found on this page. 

The branch in Venlo will be opened in 2020. You may reserve a safe deposit box today. 

Reserve a safe deposit box


To be announced. The opening of the branch in Venlo is planned in 2020

T: 088-744 5555

Opening hours

More information will be disclosed soon. The branche is expected to be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Reserve a safe deposit box



Visit the pages of Maastricht or Eindhoven for the accessibility of our locations near Venlo.

Have a look at the branch

It’s possible to get a safe deposit box before the opening in Venlo. You may rent one at one of our other branches. The transfer to Venlo is free of charge and priority service will be given. Please come by and let us introduce you with our products and services.
The nearest branch is in Maastricht or Eindhoven where you can make an appointment without any further obligationAs soon as the branch in Venlo is opened, you may transfer to Venlo. This service is free of charge and priority will be given.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us, our team members are happy to help you. 

Reserve a safe deposit box in Venlo

If you want to reserve a safe deposit box in Venlo, you can fill in the form below. You will be added to our waiting list for the location; we will contact you to make an appoitment when the location in Venlo has opened.

Kluis reserveren Venlo
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